Life over 40 is tough for a woman. Especially one who has so many desires . It makes it more difficult when you’re trying to figure out who the woman God wants you to be. Proverbs 31 speaks loudly to me. I want to be her. I want to be me. I want and NEED to be who God wants me to be. I have this desire to be her.

This blog started in one direction with hopes of a singular focus with a happy ending but apparently God had other plans on the main focus. It starts out dealing with infertility and moves to the growth that takes place during the aftermath.

Infertility ….such a dirty word in my opinion.Join me as I travel down this road through the IVF process and all that follows afterwards. I will be sharing my thoughts, fears and even some useful information I’ve learned along the way to possibly help you out in your own journey.

As I begin to navigate my path , I’ve created this blog for you to join me because some days I need to remember ” I’m not alone”. I promise we will have bumpy days, a few smooth days and at times you may feel we are stuck but as God guides me I hope in the end to have answers. Answers to God’s plan for me.

So,come along on a journey with me as I try to find who God wants me to be in a World the answers are harder to accept some days .

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